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mist n : a thin fog with condensation near the ground


1 become covered with mist; "The windshield misted over" [syn: mist over]
2 make less visible or unclear; "The stars are obscured by the clouds" [syn: obscure, befog, becloud, obnubilate, haze over, fog, cloud]
3 spray finely or cover with mist

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From mist


  1. Water or other liquid finely suspended in air.
    It was difficult to see through the morning mist.
  2. A layer of fine droplets or particles.
    There was an oily mist on the lens.


Water or other liquid finely suspended in air
  • Chinese: bówù ()
  • Dutch: mist, nevel
  • Estonian: udu, vidu
  • Finnish: sumu, usva, utu
  • French: brouillard, brume
  • German: Nebel
  • Italian: nebbia, foschia, bruma
  • Japanese: 霞み (かすみ, kasumi)
  • Kurdish:
    Sorani: ته‌م
  • Latin: nebula
  • Lithuanian: migla
  • Nahuatl: poctli
  • Portuguese: névoa, neblina
  • Romanian: ceaţă
  • Serbian: sumaglica
  • Spanish: niebla, neblina
A layer of fine droplets or particles
  • Dutch: waas


  1. To form mist.
    It's misting this morning.
  2. To spray fine droplets on, particularly of water.
    I mist my tropical plants every morning.
  3. To cover with a mist.
    The lens was misted.
  4. In the context of "of the eyes": To be covered by tears.
    My eyes misted when I remembered what had happened.

Derived terms


To form mist
To spray fine droplets on
  • Finnish: sumuttaa



mist m



  1. fog (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision)

Extensive Definition

Mist is a phenomenon of small droplets suspended in air. It can occur as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air above warmer water, in exhaled air in the cold, and in a steam room of a sauna. It can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters if the humidity conditions are right. The only difference between mist and fog is visibility This phenomenon is called fog if the visibility is one kilometer (~1,093 yards) or less (in the UK for driving purposes the definition of fog is visibility less than 200 meters, for pilots the distance is 1 kilometer). Otherwise it is known as mist. Seen from a distance, mist is bluish, while haze is more brownish.
Strong superstitious and religious connotations are associated with mist in some cultures.
Mist makes a beam of light visible from the side via refraction and reflection of the suspended water droplets.
Scotch Mist refers to a light, steady drizzle, the name being typical of the Scottish penchant for understatement.
Mists usually occur near the shores, and is often associated with fog.
Mist can also be as high as mountain tops when extreme temparatures are low.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

London fog, London special, Scotch mist, addle, addle the wits, air, airy nothing, amorphousness, ball up, becloud, bedazzle, befog, befuddle, befuddlement, bemist, bewilder, bewilderment, blood rain, blur, bother, botheration, bubble, bug, chaos, clabber up, cloud, cloud over, cloud up, confuse, confusion, dark, darken, darken over, darkness, daze, dazzle, defocus, dim, discombobulate, discombobulation, discomfit, discomfiture, discompose, discomposure, disconcert, disconcertion, disorder, disorganization, disorganize, disorient, disorientation, disturb, disturbance, drisk, drizzle, drizzling mist, embarrass, embarrassment, encloud, enmist, entangle, ether, evening mist, fall, film, flummox, flurry, fluster, flutter, fog, fogginess, frenzy, frost smoke, fuddle, fuddlement, fuss, fuzziness, gauze, gout of rain, haze, illusion, indeterminateness, indistinctness, jumble, lose resolution, maze, mess, mistiness, misty rain, mix up, mizzle, moider, moisture, muddle, muddlement, mumbo jumbo, murk, murkiness, mystification, nubilate, obfuscation, obnubilate, obscurantism, obscuration, obscure, obscurity, opacity, overcast, overcloud, overshadow, oversmoke, pale, patter, pea soup, pea-soup fog, peasouper, perplex, perplexity, perturb, perturbation, phantom, pitter-patter, pother, precipitation, pucker, put out, rain, raindrop, rainfall, rainwater, raise hell, rattle, ruffle, shade, shadow, shapelessness, sheet of rain, shower, shuffle, smog, smoke, soften, spirit, splatter, sprinkle, steam up, stew, sweat, swivet, thin air, throw into confusion, tizzy, unclarity, unclearness, unfrozen hydrometeor, unplainness, unsettle, unsettlement, upset, vagueness, vapor, wet
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